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Great selection, low prices

We hear you loud and clear! Thatís why weíve created the SMART Plan! Protect your purchase and shop with confidence, Cash Canada has your back!

Smart Plan | Cash Canada

Whatever item you want, we either have one in stock, had one in stock, or are going to get one in stock soon. We have new stuff coming and going every day.

The items most in demand are:

  • Gold and Jewelry
  • Smart phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Handheld electronics
  • Video games, cameras, flat screen monitors
  • Musical instruments
  • Huge selection of hand and power tools
  • Sports equipment, collectibles, household appliances and more

Smart Plan - 2 | Cash Canada

Now What?!

We hear you loud and clear! Thatís why weíve created the SMART Plan! Protect your purchase, with small, on time payment, and weíll replace it like product or give you 100% Trade-In Value towards Future Purchases.

Shop with confidence, Cash Canada has your back!

Returned item must be in the same condition

Smart Plan | Cash Canada
Jewelry Jewelry
Tools Tools
Sport Goods Sport Goods
Game Systems Game Systems
Phones & Tablets Phones / Tablets
Electronics Electronics

Retail Sale - Tools | Cash Canada

Cash Canada is the largest network of gently used merchandise, recycled merchandise and collectables in the country. We ensure that each item in our stores is 100% legally clean by entering every item into a police database before we place it on the showroom. Ensuring we never have stolen merchandise in our inventory gives our clients and employees peace of mind. Cash Canada is strictly regulated and we want it that way so our clients know they will always be taken care of.

Retail Sale - Music Instruments | Cash Canada

So where does all this great stuff come from? A lot of the gently used merchandise comes from pawn loans that have exceeded their time limit. When a pawn loan is created, the pawned item is stored in a secure area in the back of the store and is never brought onto the sales floor unless the loan defaults after 30 days. Clients can extend the loan at any time during the first 30 days after the initial transaction. Sometimes things happen and clients donít pick up the items they pawned. When that happens, we pull the item from storage and put it on our sales floor at a great price.

Retail Sale - Inside the Store | Cash Canada

Many items on the sales floor though are traditional retail sales bought by Cash Canada to give our clients more choice. If we think that our clients would love a particular item or groups of items like luxury watches for example, we will purchase a set of Rolex watches and put them on sale. A lot of items found in our stores are in near mint condition and in their original packaging. Our clients know that the lowest prices for amazing merchandise is right in our pawn shops so if you never thought you could buy that motorcycle, you might be surprised by our deals.

So where is the one place in the world you can buy a flamingo lawn ornament, an autographed hockey jersey, a curved 4K TV, collectable beanie babies and a signature framed art piece? You guessed it, Cash Canada. There is more inventory coming into our 17 stores across Canada and flowing out of our doors into the hands of happy customers every single day of the year. Thatís because Cash Canada is the largest pawn network in the country! We take our leadership role very seriously and ensure that we always have exactly what Canadians are looking for. Come on in, youíll be surprised at what you can find, but hurry because someone else could beat you to that John Deer tractor.

Layaway Program

See something you like but donít have the cash right now? No problem. Use our 10/10 layaway program. Put 10% down and make 9 equal monthly payments.

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